Here's just a sampling of the types of events Cowboy Ted has hosted. Through "Cowboy Ted's Foundation for Kids" he is able to share his message with children from all walks of life and all economic backgrounds. He is happy to customize your organizations' experience with the unique needs of your group.


A 45-minute Fitness and Wellness gathering. Covering the following topics:

  1. Respect Parents
  2. Lead a Healthy Lifestyle
  3. Work Hard in School
  4. Be Nice to Others
  5. Be Kind to Animals
  6. Set Goals for Yourself
  7. No Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol
  8. Do One Nice Thing for Another Person Everyday

Can be customized according to your organization's needs. Options include:

  • 30 Minute Reading & Roping for Kindergarteners
  • 30 Minute Meet & Greet at Lunch
  • 30 Minute Rope The Bull Session
  • 30 Minute After School Fitness or American Indian Wellness Session

Cowboy Ted will host a ton of fun events for families and kids. Packages can be customized by activity and duration. Any day of the week can be a Sunday Fun Day! Activities can include:

  • Roping Lessons
  • Buffalo Hunter (tag game)
  • Crafts, Dream Catchers/Stress Balls
  • Cup Stacking, Scooter Hockey, Stick Horse Rodeo
READING, ROPING AND RODEO (indoor or outdoor locations)

  • Cowboy Ted will read one of his books with kids
  • Roping lessons with Cowboy Ted
  • Games and Activities with Cowboy Ted and Friends

Cowboy Ted's Foundation for Kids is a 501(c)(3) organization, and donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

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