Give Cancer the Boot! - Fundraising Program

How It Works

  1. Business Displays Give Cancer the Boot DOLLAR Poster
  2. Business invites customers to donate a DOLLAR to Foundation
  3. Business hands card to customer to write their name on the card
  4. Business collects one DOLLAR and places it in CT envelope
  5. Business displays the completed DOLLAR cards in their business
  6. Cowboy Ted collects money at end of program
  7. Cowboy Ted highlights business through media and other formats
  8. Cowboy Ted uses DOLLAR program to fund KIDS Programs
  9. Cowboy Ted lists business partners @ Health & Reading programs
  10. Cowboy Ted creates attention for YOUR efforts to help Kids

4-H or other youth and health organizations can partner with Cowboy Ted to split the proceeds from a community fundraising program to increase Cancer Awareness in your community - call for details.


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