Tobacco-Free Radio Ads

Cowboy Ted's Tobacco-Free Radio Ads

Cowboy Ted has recorded a number of tobacco-free radio ads. We suggest you contact your local radio station and use them as a FREE public service announcement. You can also send them to schools to play on their intercom during daily announcements.

The ads are 30 seconds long - but have a 10 second space for you to add your message at the end. You can add a quit line number or say sponsored by and your organization name. We can send them directly to your local radio station or you can download them at no cost and use them.


Free Radio Ads

Cowboy Ted's Second Hand Smoke and Spit Ad - Listen/Download

Cowboy Ted's No Safe Form of Tabacco Ad Listen/Download

Cowboy Ted's Spit Ad - Listen/Download

Cowboy Ted's Tobacco-free Radio Ad - Listen/Download

Cowboy Ted's Give Tobacco The Boot - Listen/Download

Note: To download the ads simply right click and select 'Save Link As'