8 Steps to Good Health

Cowboy Ted's Healthy Lifestyles Program - 8 Steps to Good Health

1. Respect Parents

Respect has to be earned and a good place to start is with your parents. Listen to your parents and show them respect and you will earn their respect in return.

2. Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Kids need 3 servings of dairy products for healthy bones, teeth, eyes and muscles. Dairy products include – milk, cheese-yogurt- ICE CREAM – Have 3-a-day Drink 6-8 cups of water everyday ~ Exercise 30-60 minutes everyday ~ Wash Hands.

3. Work Hard in School

Read at least 20 minutes everyday and you will be ready for college or a career. Computer skills will also prepare you for college or a great job ~ Practice on computers.

4. Be Nice to Others

Being nice to others makes you feel good inside and makes the other person feel good. This is called mental and emotional health and if you feel good on the inside you will feel good on the outside too. Feeling good inside actually helps your heart & lungs work less.

5. Be Kind to Animals

Do you like animals? Do you have a dog – cat – horse – fish or other animal? Does it make you feel good on the inside to spend time with animals? If you feel good on the inside – it will make you healthy on the outside too.

6. Set Goals for Yourself

A goal is anything you want to do in life and we try AS MANY AS IT TAKES. Remember when we set a goal of roping the bull? What are some other goals? You have to practice to get better at any activity in life. AS MANY AS IT TAKES!!!

7. No Drugs, Tobacco or Alcohol

Drugs ~ Tobacco ~ Alcohol are unhealthy and damage your body. Remember that a real bull or horse will walk away from tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. Just walk away from drugs, tobacco or alcohol. BE SMART COWBOYS.

8. Do Something Nice for Another Person Everyday

Helping other helps you feel good on the inside and makes you healthy on the outside.