The mission of the foundation is "To introduce young people to positive role models, who encourage youngsters to choose a healthy lifestyle for themselves, including the choice to refuse to use tobacco products."

  • Healthy Choices School Assembly Program

  • Cowboy Fitness Programs for Kids

  • Cowboy Day Camp and After-School Programs

  • Billy the Bull - Healthy Choices On-line Book Series

  • Summer Reading & Fitness Programs

  • Healthy Tips for Kids with 52-topics - in print and audio versions

  • A Recreation Guide to encourage kids to - get outside - get active - get healthy

  • FREE Healthy Choices Resources for Kids, Teachers and Parents

"Cowboy Ted" Hallisey started this IRS 501(c)(3) organization with a goal of personally touching the lives of one million children in a positive and healthy way. To date - he has visited with 200,000 kids across the country to share his Healthy Choices program.




Cowboy Ted and Allison are hosts of The Cowboy Ted Show and Cowboy Ted 101. They produce and host video programs for kids and families – that are shown in classrooms, mobile apps, TV - Face Book – YouTube and web sites.




Cowboy Ted started Cowboy Ted’s Foundation for Kids with a goal of touching the lives of one million kids in a healthy and positive way. He’s visited over 250,000 kids.


CT grew up on a small ranch with horses and farm animals and is a Cowboy AND an Indian. His maternal grandmother was a member of the Algonquin Tribe of Canada


CT works for several radio stations and his voice is heard all over the United States. He has a Master of Education Degree in Health, Physical Education & Recreation and taught College communications and PE AND elementary school PE.



Allison is co-host of the Cowboy Ted Show. She has a passion for working with kids and her specialty is helping kids feel good about themselves


Her favorite phrase is I SEE YOU!


Allison grew up in Idaho and Utah and recognized her gift at an early age - for helping people and animals heal. She worked as an executive in the banking industry for a couple of decades and also owns a healing center and is certified in Reiki Energy Work and Hypnotherapy.


She enjoys playing softball, reading books. She is also very passionate about suicide prevention and overall wellness.

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